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St. Thomas University offers majors in Digital Journalism and New Media and Communications and Public Policy. The programs offer students a gateway to exciting careers in a variety of professions related to media and communications.

We have students from around the world enrolled in our programs, including Canada, the United States, China, Honduras, Nigeria, Thailand, Ecuador, Brazil and Iraq, among others.

Our programs are grounded in the development of strong writing skills that remain the foundation for professional work in the digital age.

The Digital Journalism and New Media major explores the art of storytelling in the digital age. Students learn how to create stories in a variety of media platforms. The program encourages them to become innovative-thinking leaders in a rapidly changing profession.

The Communications and Public Policy program prepares students to be professional communicators. Governments, businesses, non-profit organizations all have stories to tell and need skilled communicators to connect with the public. The Communications program explores how we communicate in a digital world.

Our graduates are working in professional corporations in Canada and around the world.

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What Our Current Students Say...

What I love about STU’s Journalism program is how it recognizes the accelerated changes that are happening in the journalism world and how professors design their classes around the specific skills required to keep up with these changes and succeed. The program prioritizes critical thinking and creative expression to produce work that matters.Tiziana Zevallos, Peru 2nd year Journalism Major
The Journalism program at STU helped me strengthen my writing and communication skills overall. I’ve learned to make my point(s) in a strong solid fashion. Producing newscasts, writing articles and meeting new people is just some of what to expect from this program. The professors are also really easy to get along with.Christopher Robinson, Canada 4th year Journalism Major, Gerontology Minor

What I like the most about STU’s Journalism and Communications programs are the professors, the time they put into teaching. They’re amazing. They actually care about how each and every one of us is doing. I also love how we get hands-on experience at CBC with broadcast and radio journalism. Fernanda Damiani, Brazil. 4th year Journalism Major, Spanish, Political Science and Communications Minors

The journalism program at STU makes you feel like you fit in from the start. What has impressed me the most is how we can take classes at CBC and learn with professionals in the field. Adriana Figueroa, El Salvador. 2nd year Journalism Major, Anthropology Minor

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