Mohamed Fahmy

Mohamed Fahmy, award-winning journalist and author, was at the Richard Currie Center of the University of New Brunswick on October 27th to present this year’s Dalton Camp Lecture.

Fahmy covered the Iraq war in 2003 for the Los Angeles Times. Later on he published his experiences in the memoir Baghdad Bound. He has worked in the Middle East for CNN, Dubai TV and Foreign Policy. Fahmy received the Peabody award in recognition for covering the Arab Spring and the Tom Renner Investigative Reporting Award for producing Death in the Desert, a documentary. In 2013 Fahmy was arrested in Egypt while working as Al Jazeera’s English Bureau Chief. He was sentenced to seven years of jail but was granted a retrial and release in June of 2015.

He got convicted again August of 2016. Also this year he became the founder of the Fahmy Foundation for Free Press. The focus of this foundation is to help release imprisoned journalists around the world.

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