What our Alumni say about us...

STU prepares you for the world like no other school. The sense of community is unbeatable, the soft skills you learn in the BA program set you up for a lifetime of learning that few other educational programs can, and the professors actually care about the success of their students. STU Journalism is one of the few programs in Canada that doesn’t get bogged down in theory and actually treats students like journalists. It’s tough. You actually have to write, and your profs won’t pull punches when it comes to editing. That’s what you need to be setup for success as a journalist, and I credit my education at STU with all the success I’ve had in my career.Tom Henheffer, Class of 2011. Executive Director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Toronto
I have had the pleasure to be a student at the university of Saint Thomas. I came to Canada with no English. I did not know how to write, read and speak in English. But when I joined STU, they believed in me. I have always had passion towards writing in Arabic and wanted to pursue my journalism career in Canada. When I applied to the journalism program I was thrilled to know that I had been accepted. The program changed my personality. It made me the person I am now; confident, excited and fearless. My professors were my great supporters always pushing me to do my best.”Ayat Abu Hantash, Journalism Major with Human Rights Minor. Abu Dhabi Media, Abu Dhabi
St. Thomas University was the perfect place to complete my undergraduate degree. I not only found my voice as writer, I found a home away from home. My time at STU not only shaped my career but who I am today.Danielle C. Bodie, Journalism Major, Class of 2007. Senior Communications Coordinator, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Associate Professor of Mass Communications, College of the Bahamas
St. Thomas University is a freedom zone. It has an inclusive community full of individuals with distinct backgrounds, traditions, ideas… And that’s why it’s such a magical place. In all of my classes I was always free to express my opinions, to share my experiences and to try new things, always with the support and encouragement of my mentors and classmates. At STU students are able to explore their talents and rediscover themselves through arts, languages, politics, and in my case, through communications and journalism. Since my first year, I was inspired to learn while doing, to improve my skills by taking risks and to never stop exploring.Andrea Barcenas, Journalism and Communications Major, Class of 2015. Responsible of Digital Communications, Regular Basic Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education, Peru.
I’ve always been a bit of a showman. I’ve acted in over 14 plays, wrote poetry, and was the class clown for a time or two. I naturally gravitated to people, but it wasn’t until my third year at St. Thomas that I realized I was a really bad listener. I talked at people, without ever really hearing or understanding what people were saying. Some people go their whole lives without having anyone listen to them. As a journalist whose often boisterous and loudmouth it was a nice to learn to become a better listener.Oscar Baker, Journalism Major, Political Science Minor, Class of 2016.
CBC Aboriginal, Fredericton
I think it’s fair to say that many who attend university hope to be employed soon after graduation. If students are willing to sharpen and expand upon the many skills learned inside the classroom, St. Thomas University’s Journalism and Communications programs will result in a job in your field. These programs crank out employable young professionals year after year.Sean McCullum, Journalism and Communications Major, Class of 2016. Times & Transcript, Moncton
The combination of the Journalism and Communications programs at STU enabled me to experience unique professional opportunities and to improve my writing and oral communication skills. Being an international student from Venezuela whose first language isn’t English,  the personal attention and help from my teachers helped me learn quicker and better. These skills I learned at STU I applied in internships at the United States and Canada. I would never imagine I’d be able to work in places like the #1 hospital in Texas or an electricity company in Canada. I will always be grateful for these experiences in university and for the support of my teachers at STU.Sara Perez, Journalism and Communications Major, Class of 2016. Communications, NB Power