CBC Facility Student Supervisor

Employment Opportunity with the Journalism Programme

Position Title: CBC Facility Student Supervisor

The Journalism Programme is currently accepting applications from journalism students for CBC Facility Student Supervisor positions. The successful candidates will be responsible for co-supervising the CBC facility seven (7) days a week during the regular teaching year*. Hours of operation are 4 – 10:00 pm daily. The candidates will work two or three shifts per week, for a total of approximately 12-18 hours per week. The rate of pay will be $11.08/hour, which includes 4% vacation pay.

Duties include but may not be limited to handling equipment sign outs and returns, performing regular inventory of STU equipment at CBC, ensuring students follow the rules regarding use of the CBC facility as outlined in the Student Handbook as well as aiding students as much as possible with the use of lab and editing facilities. These positions will also involve assisting and maintaining STU Journalism sites.  The Student Supervisor will be familiar with emergency procedures at the CBC and provide direction for students during any emergency situations. Other duties related to the Journalism Programme may also be assigned.

The successful candidate will be a mature, dependable student who possesses strong interpersonal and organizational skills as well as the ability to work independently; is respectful of and willing to enforce guidelines and wants to help his/her fellow students. The Student Supervisor is required to report to work at our CBC facility on time whenever scheduled. Applicants must be prepared to make this commitment.

Application deadline:  Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at noon. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their application, comprised of a covering letter, résumé, and course schedule, is received by Lehanne Knowlton, Departmental Assistant (McCain Hall, Room 311) by the deadline. Please include any employment history in a supervisory position and correct contact information.

* Exceptions may apply due to holidays, etc. (ie: Spring Break).