About Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna served as Premier of New Brunswick from 1987 until 1997, winning three consecutive majority governments.  Before entering politics, Premier McKenna had a distinguished career in law, which he returned to following his political career.  In 2005, Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed him Canadian Ambassador to the United States.  Mr. McKenna has had a successful career in business and finance as corporate director and board member and chairman of a number of organizations. He is known for his public policy initiatives and his advanced communication skills. He currently is Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group.

About the Frank McKenna Centre

The Frank McKenna Centre for Communications and Public Policy was designed to enhance the education of the next generation of communications leaders and to enrich public understanding of the most important policy issues of our time. The Centre, launched in 2012, is named after Frank McKenna, who was Premier of New Brunswick between 1987 and 1997. The Centre supports the activities the Communications and Public Policy program at St. Thomas University. The Centre organizes symposiums, conducts policy forums, and runs a Distinguished Speaker Series on campus.  Past speakers have included the former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, former Senator Michael Kirby, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, former federal Liberal leader and Premier of Ontario Bob Rae and climate change mitigation expert Dr. Blair Feltmate of the University of Waterloo.  The McKenna Centre has also been involved in an ongoing forum on New Brunswick health care. The Centre aims to be a hub for policy discussion in the province and to bring opportunities for students to interact with leading policy and communications experts.